A proper post-operative foot care.

Chiropody / Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

It is said that there are as many types of feet as there are people, or almost, although the types we know best are: flat feet, hollow feet and normal feet, depending on the height of the plantar arch. There are many other classifications, such as according to the length of the toes or the first metatarsal. But, regardless of what our feet are like, what is clear is that they are the support of our body and that when we are in pain or have some pathology we feel very conditioned in our day to day.

Not only do they support our entire structure, they also allow us to move around and maintain our balance, so we can say that they bear a great burden and that is why they sometimes suffer a lot. Hardness, bunions, corns... are some of the most common pathologies and they increase with age. We must also bear in mind that diseases such as diabetes can produce ulcers on our feet of a very serious nature.

Our feet are one of the parts of our body that can suffer the most injuries and when they require reparative surgery, this usually requires a specific post-operative period that is usually accompanied by the use of post-surgical shoes to protect the operated area and maintain a correct and appropriate posture.

Depending on the intervention that our foot needs, you will have to wear specific footwear:

POST-SURGICAL SHOES WITH INVERTED WEDGE: Recommended for all heel pathologies, calcaneal fractures, bedsores or heel burns, it also reduces recovery time from heel ulcers caused by diabetes.

TALO POST-SURGICAL SHOE: Designed to provide solid protection to the foot after an intervention by maintaining the position of the foot in heel and unloading the forefoot area.

POST-SURGICAL SHOE: For post-operative interventions on the toes and forefoot, such as: Hallux-Valgus, Hallux-Rigidus, claw toes, nail infections or metatarsal osteopathies.

POST-SURGICAL TACO SHOES: Indicated after operations on phalanges and bunions. Its design avoids the load on the forefoot by concentrating all the support on the heel.

Here you can find information about each type of shoe and, do not hesitate to ask us any questions about features and orders.

For better foot care, both in post-operative and in everyday life, we recommend the use of Sanifeet Polvos Pédicos from our Ubiopharma Laboratories, which will help you keep your feet fresh and dry.

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