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Ubiotex manufacturer of anti-decubitus cushions.

Sore is a skin lesion caused by staying in the same position for a long time, which produces a decrease in blood flow and, in many cases, the death of bone and muscle tissues. It usually affects the elderly people and people with reduced mobility. Normally, they appear in areas of bony prominences such as the heels, hips, back, sacrum and occipital (head), due to the constant pressure on the skin and tissues, which produces a decrease in blood and oxygen supply to the tissues.

There are several scales to measure the risk of pressure ulcers or UPP and,in Ubiotex, we use the Norton Scale, which is divided into 5 levels of severity from 1 to 4, with different parameters, after adding them, you get a total score between 5 -20 that gives you the risk of eschar that can be: low, medium, high or very high, depending on the results (the lower the score, the greater the risk).

Next, we show you the Norton Scale questionnaire and, depending on the result, comparing with the table, you will know the anti-decubitus cushion model to offer the user.

Evaluacion riesgo de escaras

We are going to focus on those that appear in the area of the sacrum, because, in this post, we will present the different types of anti-scarp cushion that we have for wheelchairs, although they can also be used at home in chairs, armchairs or sofas. The choice of a cushion is very important because it provides stability and helps avoiding these injuries (it prevents its appearance and contributes to the adequate treatment).

We have a wide range of materials of the best quality with which we make our cushions, offering endless possibilities for every situation.

Anti-decubitus fiber cushions: Available in 5 different shapes and 3 colors (gray, marine, white). These cushions are indicated to prevent the risk of bedsores.

  • Sanitized cushion or soft cushions (commonly known as sheepskin cushions)
  • Saniluxe cushion (the most sold)

Silicone anti-eschar cushions: The cushions of solid silicone, help to regulate the temperature of the area, avoiding excessive sweating and distributing the pressure. It is appropriate for patients with a medium level of risk of bedsores.

Anti-decubitus gel cushions: In addition to regulating the temperature, and regulating the pressure, it provides a very pleasant sensation of freshness. This cushion works according to the Archimedes flotation principle, this means that, when the user is seated in this type of cushions, the pressure is balanced, distributing it in the whole liquid surface.

  • Square liquid floating cushion

  • Liquid floating cushion horseshoe shaped

Air anti-decubitus cushions: Our range of Confortus cushions, consisting on a total of 9 models in one or two valves. It is a cushion with independent cells that swell up with air (self-regulating) and allow an adequate adjustment. This cushion is indicated for a very high risk of bedsores. It is commonly used in patients with spinal cord injuries.

Anti-decubitus viscoelastic cushions: Presented in 8 different ways to cover all the needs of our patients. The viscoelastic, thanks to its properties, is the one that provides the most comfortable feeling.These cushions are manufactured with a saniluxe cover, a material of great quality and that makes it fireproof, anti-mite, anti-odor, antifungal, breathable, soft, waterproof, etc. … These cushions are used by patients with a high / very high risk of bedsores, depending on the model.

  • Maxiconfort (square, horseshoe, round)
  • Ergoplus cushion
  • Ergoplus cushion with abductor
  • Ergotech cushion
  • Preventive cushion
  • Preventive cushion with offset hole
  • HR Premium cushion
  • ViscoBasic cushion
  • Round Ergo cushion

So, what kind of cushion is the best for me?

The best option will always depend on several factors, such as, for example, our tastes, our needs or the utility that is going to be given to the cushion.

When choosing an anti-decubitus cushion, you must take into account the individual’s height, weight, motor ability (movement) and the characteristics and location of the ulcer. For example, if you have an ulcer in the most distal area of ​​the coccyx, it would be advisable to discharge it completely or partially, therefore the best option is the cushion with a central hole.

Where should I put my cushion?

They have to be placed on flat and rigid surfaces (wheelchairs, office chairs, kitchen chairs …) although they can also be placed on soft surfaces (armchairs, sofas …)

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