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Nowadays / Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Colchon antiescaras fibraThe anti-decubitus mattresses are composed of adaptable materials that don’t press the body and that distribute charges in an equitable way, this is the reason why the prevent decubituss in the user. This kind of mattress is specially recommended to people that are obliged to remain in resto or immobile due to their health.

Firstly, these mattresses were used in hospitals and geriatric centers, nowadays they can be bought by the general public because its new materials of adaptability enlarge their use and commercialization. These mattresses are generally combined with articulated bedsteads that improve the patients’ mobility in their rest, as well as the cares’ tasks.

An air anti-decubitus mattress range has been created in Ubiotex. You have to take into account the ulcer degree, the patient’s mobility and his/her weight:

Colchón antiescaras de aire

  • Ubio AirMattress: They are specially recommended for prevention and treatment of decubituss and ulcers due to decubitus. This kind of mattresses are recommended for patients with ulcers Degree 1 according to the Norton scale, this means that lesions in tissues are not visible but you can notice an erythema, redness and an increase of the surface temperature.

It is composed of 130 airframes that are inflated alternatively in a defined speed, thanks to its adjustable compressor that we offer adjunct. This mechanism eliminates the pressure surplus in certain areas, in addition they help with postural changes that people in bed rest need to do each three hours.

The discharge occurs along the vertical axis of the patient’s body.

It is indicated for users with a maximum weight of 130-150Kg.

The use of the UBIO AIR anti-decubitus mattress is recommended for prevention or for cases of stage I decubitus. It is the most popular and used among general public and professionals in the sector.


Colchón antiescaras Ubio Air plus

  • Ubio Air plus mattress: It is made with 18 cells that swell alternately. As the Ubio Air mattress, it is especially indicated for the prevention of bedsores and ulcers that appear in people who remain immobile for long periods of time, it also contributes to their healing, when they already exist. This model is recommended for patients with pressure ulcers Grade 2-3, according to the Norton scale, i.e. complete or partial loss of skin thickness.

The discharge occurs along the transverse axis of the user’s body and the difference with the previous mattress is the inflation height, which supposes a release of the greater pressure. This mattress is recommended for patients whose weight does not exceed 160Kg.

They must be placed on the top of an articulated geriatric mattress or geriatric mattress, both articles can be found in Ubiotex. The recommended height for these cases is 10 to 15 cm height depending on the model. If the articulated bed has protective rails, the height of the mattress together with the anti-decubitus air mattress should not exceed 25 cm height. If it is exceeded, the handrails may lose their technical function and would create a risk to the patient.

Where can I buy an anti-decubitus mattress? Ubiotex puts at your disposal this magnificent and effective range of anti-decubitus mattresses for the treatment and to avoid the appearance of ulcers or bedsores.

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