The importance of caring for the skin


The skin is the largest organ of our body, completely covers it and protects it, it also has the ability to regenerate. It performs fundamental functions, such as: Protects against bacteria and external aggressions and against ultraviolet radiation, thanks to melanin. Regulates the temporary temperature Prevents fluid loss It is essential for the synthesis of […]

5th June 2020

Geriatric, Ubiotex

Caring for a sick or dependent family member can be stressful and sometimes the caregiver may feel frustrated and overcome, it is what is known as caregiver syndrome, a disorder that occurs in the person caring for the sick, elderly or dependents and that It is characterized by physical and mental exhaustion. It is usually […]

29th May 2020

The hygiene of dependent and sick people


People who care for elderly or sick people know how important hygiene is to maintain their quality of life and avoid injuries and infections added to their ailments, as well as to maintain their well-being. As long as possible, the ideal is to keep the shower, if it cannot be daily at least 3 times […]

24th April 2020

Anti-reflux pillow improves breathing

Geriatric, Nowadays, Rest

Already since the time of the Egyptian empire, the advantages of sleeping in tilted beds have been known – in the excavations carried out, evidence has emerged that the Egyptians did so – especially in the case of having gastrogastric reflux or suffering from lung diseases with respiratory distress, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma … […]

15th April 2020

How can you be part of our team?


In Ubiotex we want to help caregivers and patients to improve their quality of life, so we do not stop researching to offer quality, comfortable, practical and effective products. The key to our success is in a constant and special attention to quality, so we have the best raw material, the latest technology, skilled workers […]

9th March 2020

Immobilize the shoulder correctly


The shoulder is the joint that provides mobility to our upper extremities and connects the arms with the trunk. It is a complex joint that is formed by three bones, the humerus, the scapula and the clavicle that are joined by 3 main joints: glenohumeral, acromioclavicular and sternocostoclavicular. This complex articulation allows us to develop […]

25th February 2020

Prevent hip fracture


The Joint Commission International (the most relevant organization for health accreditation worldwide) includes the reduction of the risk of falls as one of the most important parameters to take into account in the area of ​​patient safety for hospital accreditation. According to the WHO (data from 2018), falls are the second leading cause of death […]

12th February 2020

Goodbye to the bad smell of feet


Podobromhidrosis is the technical term for the denomination of the smell of feet, a problem that, according to the Colexio de Podólogo de Galicia, affects 20% of the population. It occurs when sweat comes into contact with the bacterial flora of the foot and produces in its decomposition ammonium and fatty acid, that is why […]

24th January 2020