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Pregnancy a Lactation pillow, Women / Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The moment we learn that we are going to have a baby, a stage full of happiness begins because having a child is the most beautiful experience we can experience in our lives. Pregnancy is also a stage of nerves, impatience and insecurities and, as pregnancy progresses, also of some discomfort: backaches, stomach aches or difficulty falling asleep, especially in recent months. A pillow for breastfeeding and pregnancy can help you find a comfortable posture in bed that favors sleep and rest and also on the sofa, thanks to its anatomical design.

Once we have our child in our arms, the pillow will be essential to make breastfeeding more comfortable, whether we have chosen to breastfeed the baby or if we are going to bottle feed him, in this case he can use it not only the mother but also the father or person who gives it to you at all times; It allows you to place your arms on the pillow so you don’t have them in tension during the whole shot and adopt a relaxed position that avoids forcing the lumbar and cervical ones and, as for the baby, you can adopt an ideal posture that facilitates the grip on the chest, in short that you can fully enjoy that pleasant moment. In addition, the baby will be very comfortable during the periods when you have him peacefully asleep in his arms or, even, you can use it to place the baby when he is a few months old and begins to have control over his body.

The Ubiotex Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Pillow has an anatomical design specially designed for use during pregnancy and lactation, with a removable cover to be able to wash it as often as desired. With this pillow you will find the ideal position for you and your baby.

If you are pregnant, the Ubiotex Pregnancy and Lactation pillow is perfect, you can forget about using several cushions because it allows you to place it in the position where you best sit on the bed, sofa or armchair. Surely you can’t be without her. And, if you have to give a gift to a pregnant woman, you will not be able to find a better option, she will always thank you.

COMPOSITION: Cover of Terlenka (corron with poliester). Filled with Polyester fyber of silicone. Zipper to remove the cover, washable.

MEASURES: 92x150x40 (width x length x depth)

MAINTENANCE: Hand or machine wash with non-abrasive products. Maximum temperature of 30ºC. It can be dry cleaned with prechlorethylene. Do not use chlorinated bleach. It can be ironed. Can be dried in a dryer.

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