Goodbye to the bad smell of feet

Chiropody / Friday, January 24th, 2020

Podobromhidrosis is the technical term for the denomination of the smell of feet, a problem that, according to the Colexio de Podólogo de Galicia, affects 20% of the population.

It occurs when sweat comes into contact with the bacterial flora of the foot and produces in its decomposition ammonium and fatty acid, that is why it is very common in childhood and adolescence when physical activity is very high although anyone can go through any life stage in which your feet have a bad smell.

Among the causes that can produce podobromhidrosis are food, hormonal changes, the consumption of certain medications, some diseases such as diabetes, stress, anxiety, the spread of fungi or the type of footwear and socks we use; Of course, poor hygiene influences the bad smell but it also occurs even if we maintain correct habits.

The Illustrious Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community (ICOPCV) has developed a decalogue to avoid bad smell such as maintaining optimal foot hygiene, washing them daily and drying them well, especially between the fingers, changing the socks every day (more frequently if the feet sweat a lot, such as when playing sports), air the shoes after using them to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, avoid wearing shoes that are too tight or made of synthetic materials or opt for leather, Canvas or mesh that allow the feet to breathe, use socks that repel moisture such as wool or cotton and remove, aerate and periodically wash shoe insoles.

In addition, Sanifeet Pedic powders can help you eliminate this problem because it controls perspiration, absorbing moisture, eliminating excess sweat and bacteria that cause odor. It is a cosmetic that contains kaolin, zinc oxide, potassium alum, talc, sage and mint essence that acts as a deodorant, antiperspirant and refreshing foot and footwear.


Apply it directly to the feet and shoes and the bad smell will disappear. See more information.

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