How you can release stress with the rehabilitation balls

Hand Therapy / Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

It is evident how important the hands are in our day to day, they allow us to carry out most of the daily tasks, as we already mentioned in a previous blog. Since wrists and hands have little muscle mass, their bones are more vulnerable to breakage than other bones in the body, and hands are usually the first thing we support when we suffer a fall.

Injuries are not only caused by falls, many are the consequence of repetitive movements in work or domestic tasks, such as the well-known carpal tunnel syndrome. Osteoarthritis also causes movement limitations in the hands and wrists and the age makes the movements of the joints, including the wrists and hands, more difficult and loss of strength.

Rehabilitation is essential for the recovery of mobility and strength, both in the case of injury and loss of age, and therapy with balls is very effective, and can be done at home at any time, for example in the moments of leisure, when we watch television or we are listening to music.

Rehabilitation balls are also an excellent anti-stress therapy since they help to release tension and can be very effective for immediate relaxation in a situation that alters us. They are proven to work; You can have them on the work desk and use them when a phone conversation overflows you or when a problem is generating anxiety; It is worth a try, you will see how you feel relief.

At Ubiotex we have anti-stress and rehabilitation balls of different sizes and densities, indicated for rehabilitation, training or to reduce stress. Find your nearest point of sale and start to feel its benefits.


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