Immobilize the shoulder correctly

Restrains / Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

The shoulder is the joint that provides mobility to our upper extremities and connects the arms with the trunk. It is a complex joint that is formed by three bones, the humerus, the scapula and the clavicle that are joined by 3 main joints: glenohumeral, acromioclavicular and sternocostoclavicular.

This complex articulation allows us to develop a large number of daily movements, as basic as cleaning or dressing and, referring to our work life, so the breakage of some of its parts greatly determines our day to day.

Shoulder injury usually occurs as a result of trauma, it is very common in children and young people since at this stage a great sports activity develops and falls are very frequent. The usual treatment consists of immobilization of the joint with a sling for the time necessary for the fracture to consolidate; in cases where the bone has been damaged, surgery is required to reconstruct it using screws, plates or even prostheses; recovery in these cases also goes through immobilization by means of a sling. It is important that we choose the size well, taking into account the size of our arm and the material since we will have to wear it for a long period.

The breathable sling Ubiotex contains and stabilizes the scapulo-humeral joint correctly. It is padded and made of soft breathable fabric that will be very comfortable for you. It is manufactured in several colors, also to the taste of the youngest, so that its use is less boring.

If you have to use a sling for a while, choose the one you like on our website and find your nearest point of sale.

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