IV Ortoprotesia Days

Events / Monday, May 21st, 2018

On June 2, 2018, the Escola Superior de Tecnología da Saude of Lisbon will hold the IV Orthopedics-ESTeSL  Days, this university is recognized for its specialized training in the area of ​​health with important careers such as the Degree in Orthopedics.

These meetings has been held since 2015 and are currently a consensus meeting in the Portuguese scene which aims at the scientific evolution of the sector through the presentation of different research studies with different discussion tables. The focus throughout the event will be on optimizing the process of rehabilitation of the population, trying to learn from the technological improvements and cultural exchange that all attendees will be able to experience.

Different international companies will have their own promotional stand since the day will have a Fair character. This will make it very interesting for all brands and suppliers who want to get new business relationships.

GerimaisUbiotex distributor in Portugal, has been invited as a reference in the world of orthopedics by the direction of ESTeSL. Undoubtedly, it is great opportunity to continue being up to date with all the advances in the world of orthopedics and share experiences with different specialists in the sector.

Here you are the schedule of the event:



8h30 Opening of the Secretariat

9h00 Opening session
– President of the ESTeSL – Prof. Anabela Graça (ESTeSL-IPL)
– President of the Organizing Committee-  Prof. Daniela Lima (ESTeSL-IPL)
– President of the Honor Commission – To be defined

09h30 Conference
Osteo-neuromuscular integration of artificial limbs and neurorehabilitation of phantom limb pain – Max Ortiz Catalán

10h00 Conference
Osseointegration of distal load.The implant Keep Walking – Jenz Muller

10h30 Coffee Break

11h00 Conference
The importance of motion analysis for the evaluation of mobility and performance – Vera Moniz Pereira

11h30 Conference
From the biomechanics of movement to dance – Inés Barbosa

12h00 Conference
To be defined: Three-dimensional scanning; Additive manufacturing – Vanessa Lopes

12h30 Lunch

14h00 Free communications
– Contributions to the scientific evidence of Orthopaedics – Manuel Roldán
– Influence of the Tibial Twist in AFOs Resource in CAD and CAE Technology – Manuel Roldán
– Evaluation of the efficiency of different materials in the relief of plantar pressure – relationship with body weight and material thickness – Daniela Pereira
– Evaluation of the C. Functional and C. Energetic in Amputees of M.I – Flávia Marrón

15h30 Coffee Break

16h00 Conference
José Pedro Matos (Ortoprotésico)

16h30 Conference
Alignment of prostheses – new realities – Igor Pinneo

17h00 Conference
Prevention of ankle sprain: past, present and future – Prevent Sprain Technology – Diogo Silva

17h30 Closing
President of the Organizing Committee – Daniela Lima (ESTeSL-IPL)

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