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Transfer patiens / Friday, September 27th, 2019

Immobilized people often feel insecure when caregivers have to move them because they fear they may be harmed or fall; unconsciously they tend to resist and become tense instead of favoring movement, making it difficult to maneuver.

That is why it is very important that the caregivers explain to the patient the maneuver they will perform in each case so that they collaborate as much as possible and do not feel fear and, above all, do not suffer pain due to inappropriate postures; Caregivers may also end up suffering injuries as a result of overexertion by adopting inappropriate postures.

To avoid this, it is very important that caregivers know the proper techniques to help the person to move safely without overstressing the caregiver. In addition, there are products that help make transfers more comfortable and safe, provide greater safety in the movements to the patient and facilitate the work of caregivers avoiding over-efforts. In Ubiotex, we work to improve the day-to-day caregivers and patients and we have a range of products designed to facilitate the handling of immobilized patients, safely:

  • Standard crane harness: helps to incorporate and / or transfer the patient.
  • Harness for disabled children: harness specially designed for disabled children consists of two sets of shoes for the child and the adult who will mobilize. It also has a belt that is fixed to the waist of the adult and a vest for the disabled child. This system allows children to remain subject while following the parents’ steps.
  • Mobilizing belts and transfer slingas that allow the patient’s trunk or legs to be controlled during mobilization.
  • Blankets and transfer sheets that help move or transfer the patient for hygiene or healing tasks.

Many geriatric centers and hospitals already use our products because they are really effective, you can distinguish them by our pink label.

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