Participation of UBIOTEX in international fairs

Events / Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Participation of UBIOTEX in international fairs

The first fair in which UBIOTEX participates is PHARMAGORAPLUS, in Paris.

It is a fair aimed to all the pharmaceutical sector but, as is generally known, the pharmaceutical sector is increasingly introducing orthopaedics in its product lines. In France, we sell to several distributors that sell in the pharmacy channel, This is the reason why it is of great interest for the company. The slogan of the fair is “The future of the Pharmacy” and Ubiotex will be in stand L66.

The second fair in which UBIOTEX will be present is EXPOSANITA, in Bologna, Italy.

It is celebrated from April 18 to 21 in Bologna. Ubiotex participates in the fair for the second time. It is a national fair held every two years. In Italy Ubiotex has an exclusive distributor AGON SRL

After the intense month of April 2018, Ubiotex will have to wait until September, when the second round of fairs in which the company participates begins.

In September the REHACARE fair is held from September 26 to 29 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

rehacare 2018

Ubiotex participates for the third consecutive time in Rehacare, we still do not have a stand, but as soon as we have the location, we will let you know.

In October of this year, we have ORTOMEDICAL CARE in Madrid. Ubiotex participates for the first time in the fair that is celebrated on October 25 and 26. It is the most important national fair in Spain and Ubiotex will be there.

October 25 and 26 in Madrid

As soon as we have information about the location of the stand we will communicate it to you.

Last but not least, we have the main fair of the sector of orthopaedics and health MEDICA that is held in Dusseldorf, Germany from 12 to 15 November.


It will be the first time that Ubiotex participates in the fair, which for years has been considered the birthplace of the orthopaedics and health sector. We will be present at MEDICA together with all the international distributors that we have. It is an opportunity to network and to exchange ideas.

We will keep you informed.

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