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Rest / Thursday, September 19th, 2019

It is said that when we sleep we forget everything, or at least that is the feeling we have during the period in which we give ourselves to sleep and we are not aware of the problems and concerns of our day to day. But not only that is why it is necessary to sleep, lack of rest has many negative effects on our health, we feel tired and decayed, our brain does not work quickly, reflexes slow down, memory fails, learning difficulties occur, we gain weight and it can even cause depression and anxiety.

The amount of sleep we need depends on several factors: age, lifestyle, health status. The general recommendations for sleeping are:

  • Newborns: 16-18 hours a day
  • Preschoolers: 11-12 hours a day
  • School-age children: at least 10 hours a day
  • Teenagers: 9-10 hours a day
  • Adults (including older adults): 7-8 hours a day

But not only is the number of hours we slept important, it is also important that we wake up between hours or not spend enough time in the different phases of sleep.

There are many factors that influence getting a quality sleep such as respecting sleep cycles, avoiding stimulating drinks and alcohol in the hours before going to sleep, not making copious dinners and controlling the bedroom environment taking into account the temperature, Noises and light and do not use the mobile, computer or tablet before bedtime. Older people or patients have added difficulties to get rest such as not being able to change posture, gastric reflux problems …

In addition, the mattress and pillow we use are very important; In Ubiotex we have different models of pillows with Saniluxe fabrics, natural fiber, antibacterial, wedge, lumbar, cylinders … to rest peacefully.

Our antiescaras mattresses are perfect for people who have to stay for prolonged periods in bed because they not only provide maximum comfort but also help prevent contact ulcers and the different models of wedges and postural cushions help maintain a comfortable posture.

VASCULAR VASCULAR FOOTWEAR Wedge, allows you to have your legs raised both in bed and on the sofa so that it favors rest, and relieves the feeling of heaviness.

ANATOMICAL CYLINDERS, from Terlenka, Bamboo, in winter or foam fabric, improve circulation and prevent swelling.

PILLOWS AND CERVICAL CYLINDERS to rest comfortably, with several options of shape and fabric to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

  • VISCOELASTIC, bamboo with viscoelastic core is anatomical, antibacterial and breathable.
  • FROM BUTTERFLY, from Terlenka, Bamboo or in winter fabric.
  • STANDARD PADS of different sizes, sizes and fabrics.


In our section of products for rest you can consult the whole assortment, do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.


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