The importance of caring for the skin

cosmetic / Friday, June 5th, 2020

The skin is the largest organ of our body, completely covers it and protects it, it also has the ability to regenerate. It performs fundamental functions, such as:

  • Protects against bacteria and external aggressions and against ultraviolet radiation, thanks to melanin.
  • Regulates the temporary temperature
  • Prevents fluid loss
  • It is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D
  • The sense of touch, through the nerve endings of the skin we receive tactile stimuli.

Therefore, it is very important that we keep our skin in perfect condition because this way we contribute to the proper functioning of our body. Normally, the usual care is enough: good hygiene, hydration, a healthy diet and moderate exercise outdoors, in short, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits,

However, there are situations in which this care is not enough and in which we must pay special attention to skin care, as happens with certain diseases, when we expose it to extreme atmospheric conditions of heat, cold or solar radiation, in cases of urinary and fecal incontinence – in childhood, the elderly and the sick – and in cases of people of high weight in which folds form on the skin. In these latter cases, the problem is due to excess humidity and lack of ventilation, which cause the skin to become irritated, redden or sores and sores appear.

What can we do? In the case of urinary and fecal incontinence in both children and the elderly, we must exercise extreme hygiene and clean the area very well whenever necessary, without forgetting to dry thoroughly; keep the area ventilated for as long as possible for the skin to “breathe”, massage the area covered by the diaper and keep personal and bedding or wheelchairs dry, if used. In dependent people with reduced mobility, it is also important not to forget periodic postural changes and relieve pressure with special cushions and protectors.

In addition, using barrier creams such as Qderm with zinc oxide has been shown to be highly effective in preventing and treating skin problems caused by moisture in childhood and old age.

Qderm Barrier Cream, from our new cosmetic line, is an ideal protective cream for the treatment and relief of irritated, sensitive and atopic skin, instantly forming a soft insulating and dermoprotective film in the skin areas most prone and sensitive to irritating agents. It is very effective to avoid injuries in the areas covered by the diaper or in the folds of the skin.

It is enriched with paraffin and sweet almond oil, protects, hydrates, calms and restores the hydrolipidic layer of the skin. It is enough to apply a small amount of cream with a light massage, after washing and drying the area, so that the skin remains in good condition.

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