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Ubiotex is manufacture of anti-decubitus products.

Pressure ulcers or UPP are dermal lesions that are manifested especially on the surfaces with greater pressure, such as heels, buttocks, coccyx, knees, elbows and occipital (head). Excessive pressure in these areas and lack of movement, make blood flow decrease and, as a result of this, an oxygen decrease, causing necrosis in the tissue; if its evaluates, it will cause a destruction of the deep tissues, leaving the bone exposed , Involving osteomyelitis (bone infections).

The antidecubitus products are designed to avoid the appearance of the eschar, as well as to avoid any excess of humidity in people who, due to mobility problems, remain immobilized for a long time, either sitting or lying. In addition to the specialized sanitary treatment, these products favorice the treatment of this pathology because they are manufactured with the aim of reducing the pressure and creating an equitable distribution of the loads in the areas where the eschar has appeared.

According to the degree of affection, pressure ulcers are classified in the following stages (stages of pressure ulcers or UPP):

UPP Stadium I

An alteration in the skin is observed, such as redness, although, depending on the tone of the skin, it can have red, blue or purple tones. The epidermis and dermis are affected, but not destroyed. In this sense, the following symptoms are present: changes in the temperature of the skin, changes in the consistency of the tissue and / or sensation of pain and / itching.

UPP Stadium II

In the surface area, eschar erosions and / or blisters are detectable together with the loss of skin from the affected area. The epidermis and dermis are partially or totally destroyed. The subcutaneous area of ​​the skin is already affected.

UPP Stadium III

The ulcerated zone is deeper. The subcutaneous area of ​​the skin is partially or totally destroyed and the muscle tissue begins to present affection. In many cases there is necrosis and / or exudation.

UPP Stadium IV

The ulcerated zone has the shape of a deep crater. Caverns, fistulas and muscular destruction can occur up to the bone structure, tendons and joints. There is an abundant exudation and tissue necrosis. In these cases, we must proceed with the elimination of tissues with necrosis to determine in what stage we are.

From Ubiotex, we intend to prevent and treat the pressure ulcers or UPP in order to avoid all the problems above and to improve the quality of life of people.

To achieve this goal, Ubiotex created a wide range of anti-decubitus products, such as:

Anti-decubitus cushions: they are indicated for people who remain seated for long periods of time. There is a variety of shapes and materials. Your choice will depend on the characteristics of the ulcer, as well as your preferences.

Anti-decubitus booties: they are used to prevent the appearance of eschar in the area of ​​calcaneus (heel) or malleolus external or internal (ankle). Ubiotex has created several models of different heights and materials for this item.

Anti-decubitus heels: They are used in cases in which the patient remains a long period of time immobilized. The pressure in the heel area is avoided, as well as the contact with the sheet, avoiding the uncomfortable rubbing.

Anti-decubitus knee and elbow pads: They are used in cases of mobility problems, such as palliative patients, elderly people with reduced mobility, etc. They are placed in the knee or elbow areas, which are especially sensitive to rubbing because they are constantly moving and in contact with the surface of the mattress or other surfaces. Thanks to its design, it allows that, when the postural movements of the patients are made, it adapts to any position in which the patient is positioned. Therefore, they can be used both in the patient’s position of supine (face up), lateral decubitus (on the side) or prone (face down)position. It is available in different colors and materials, which adapt to the different preferences and needs of patients.

Anti-decubitus sheets: They protect the skin of bedridden people, avoiding the pressure, friction or shearing. In addition, they improve the correct temperature, avoiding its oscillations. It is composed by a lower sheet made of suapel, an appropriate material for antiescaras products. It is available in different sizes and models, since we also have adjustable anti-decubitus sheets.

Anti-decubitus pillows: They are commonly used to avoid the appearance of eschars in the occipital area of ​​the head, and even in other sensitive areas such as the atrial area which is a very prone to the appearance of these injuries. They are also used to eliminate the pressure after surgical interventions, such as in the ear or in the eyes.

The choice of these products will depend on the type of ulcer by pressure, stage and risk, according to the Norton scale. The location is another factor to consider, since, depending on the area, it may be important to reduce the pressure in one or another area. The tastes and preferences of the users will also influence the choice of the different items. All these questions, have already been raised by our customers, and we gave them solutions adapting to the needs of patients and / or caregivers. This is why a magnificent range of anti-decubitus products has been created.

If you have any question, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Where can I buy anti-decubitus products?

If you are a professional in the health sector, distributor, orthopedic or pharmacy, please contact us through our website, through the section contact us.

If you are other kind of contact, such as: geriatric residences, caregivers, individuals, nurses and nursing assistants, through our web page, you can find the closest store where you can buy our productsin the sale points section.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us for anything you need. The entire UBIOTEX team will be happy to help you.

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