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Nowadays / Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

There are some health problems that we normally associate with age, such as pressure ulcers or joint pains, but which can nevertheless occur at any age, either temporarily, for example as a consequence of an accident or operation, or permanent, for some degenerative disease.


This situation can cause the dreaded ulcers or bedsores that occur as a result of being bedridden or immobilized for hours, especially in those areas that are in contact with the surface of the bed or chair, since the blood does not reach with sufficient fluidity and the cells in the area do not receive the necessary oxygen, a problem that is aggravated in summer by moisture that accumulates due to sweating.


In this, as in many other cases, “prevention is better than cure”: it is important to keep the skin dry, make frequent changes in the patient’s posture and avoid wrinkles; The caregivers are attentive to these guidelines because they know that, once they occur, the ulcers take time to heal and in extreme cases can even damage the tendons. They can also be prevented by using specific beds, mattresses and anti-decubitus cushions.


At Ubiotex we are very aware of this issue and we want to help caregivers and patients to improve their quality of life, so we do not stop researching to offer quality, comfortable, practical and effective products, such as our orthopedic and anti-decubitus mattresses, gel cushions , air, viscolastic … heel pockets to protect the foot, sheets, covers chairs and many others, which help prevent these and other pathologies. Many geriatric centers and hospitals use our products because they really work, you can distinguish them by the pink label.


In our catalog you can see all the options, do not hesitate to ask us which one is appropriate for your case.

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