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Geriatric, Ubiotex / Friday, May 29th, 2020

Caring for a sick or dependent family member can be stressful and sometimes the caregiver may feel frustrated and overcome, it is what is known as caregiver syndrome, a disorder that occurs in the person caring for the sick, elderly or dependents and that It is characterized by physical and mental exhaustion. It is usually given to a greater extent in family members who are responsible for the care of a patient, but it is also common in professional health personnel and auxiliaries in senior centers, although in this case they have received training that allows them to handle the situation.

The usual profile of the family caregiver in Spain, according to data from the National Statistics Institute, is:

  • More than 80% of family caregivers are women.
  • The average age of caregivers is over 52 years.
  • They share the home with the person cared for.
  • Most caregivers provide daily care to the dependent person.
  • They do not have paid employment.
  • They do not receive help from other people.
  • Share the caregiver role with other family roles

The caregiver is usually the mother, sister or daughter of the patient or dependent who feels “morally obligated” and who believes that she has the energy and desire to “be able to do everything”. After a while the workload, the monotony of the tasks -the patient’s cleaning has just been carried out and it gets dirty again, we leave the room for a moment and urgently demands that- the worry and the emotional load cause the appearance of the symptoms of physical and mental exhaustion in the form of sleep disturbances, irritability, lack of concentration, apathy, lack of enthusiasm … and on a physical level musculoskeletal problems, back pain and even alterations of the immune system.

It is essential that the caregiver learn to take care of himself, not only for his health but also because if he feels better, he will be able to better care for the patient, that he dedicate time to his leisure activities and personal relationships, that he maintain healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits. physical and delegate part of the task to other people. It is also important to have orthopedic products that can facilitate care routines.

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