• Products to improve the quality of life and rest

    Products to improve the quality of life and rest

  • Pressure sore cushions

    Pressure sore cushions

  • Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint

    Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint

  • Reference : 104700-104704
    EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES: Antibedsore, greater subjection and protection. Recommended in postoperative. COMPOSITION: Nylon, Raincoat. Filling of siliconized polyester fiber and velcro closure. SIZE: Ref. 104700  36/39 Ref. 104702  40/43 Ref. 104704  44/46 MAINTENANCE: Hand or machine wash with a delicate program at a maximum temperature of 40º. Do... EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES: Antibedsore,...

  • Reference : 106175
    Chоndrоdеrmаtіtіѕ Prоtесtоr recommended to avoid pression in the ear affected. Chоndrоdеrmаtіtіѕ nоdulаrіѕ hеlісіѕ (CNH) is a skin соndіtіоn thаt аffесtѕ the саrtіlаgе оf thе еаr. Oftеn thе nodule appears оn thе еаr on the side of the hеаd thаt уоu sleep on. In this regard, we recommended this protector to avoid this pathology. Please contact us or your... Chоndrоdеrmаtіtіѕ Prоtесtоr...

  • Reference : 602400 / 602401
    EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES It offers relaxation and optimum comfort Anatomic and actibacterial COMPOSITION Viscoelastic core(polyurethane foam) Bamboo:30% bambú, 70% polyester MANTEINANCE Hand wash or machine with non-abrasive products . Maximum temperature 30° You can not use bleach . You can board You can tumble dry. DO NOT WET THE VISCOELASTIC EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES It offers...

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    Reference :
    EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Absorbs up to 3 liters per square meter Resist at 300 washes COMPOSITION Sheet 1: 100% polyester. Sheet 2: 100% viscous. Sheet 3: 100% PVC Laces: 50% cotton, 50% polyester DIMENSIONS 90x85 MAINTENANCE Wash by hand or by machine. Temperature maximum of 60ºC. Do not use neither fabric softener nor bleach with chlorine base but bleach... EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Absorbs up to...

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    Reference :
    Effects and advantagesAnti allergicThe patient does not have an access to the nappy. CompositionPiqué – 50% cotton, 50% polyester.Fastener: Zipper Dimensions ( contour)Ask us MaintenanceWash by hand or machine at a temperature maximum of 60ºC (white), 30º (light blue)May be dry-cleanedMay be ironed. Effects and advantagesAnti...

  • Reference :
    EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES: Prevents the patient from getting dirty COMPOSITION: 40% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 50% PVC DIMENSIONS:50x90 MANTEINANCE: Hand wash or machine, maximum temperature, 60 ° C Tolerated dryer, bleach can be used EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES: Prevents the...

  • Reference :
    EFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Anti-bedsore, anti-allergic COMPOSITION Suapel(60% polyester, 40% acrilic) DIMENSIONS 9x15x17 MANTEINANCE Brush or shake periodically face fiber to keep in good condition. Hand wash with cold water and non-abrasive products . If machine washable , use gentle and spin programs. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. EFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Anti-bedsore,...

  • Reference :
    EFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Anti- dust mites, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, odour-resistant, anti-stain COMPOSITION Polyurethane Saniluxe Viscoelastic foam DIMENSIONS 41x40x6.55 MANTEINANCE Washable cover: by hand or machine, with neutral products, at 60 °C, not spin-dry. May be dry-cleaned. Tolerate the tumble-dryer at low temperature. Do not iron Do not bleach... EFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Anti- dust...



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