Curiosities: let’s know more about our nurses

News / Friday, May 11th, 2018

The great value of nurses in health

As we all know, the European population is in a process of aging, this is due both to the increase in longevity and to the decreasing birth rate. In Europe, the average age we reach is 77, only behind North America, where the average is 79 years. In addition, if we focus on Spain, we have the highest lifespan in the whole Eurozone.

This increase in longevity means some needs that we had never imagined before. People have to face health problems that come along with longevity, and who helps us face them?

Apart from all the orthopedic and rest products, a crucial pillar is nurses, a fundamental piece in our life. They support us when we need them the most and they take care of us. A proof of their interest in our well-being is the huge number of movements and groups of them that, all over the world, investigate and improve the treatments that we receive in order to make our lives easier.

Despite their great importance, Spain has a small number of nurses, specifically 5.3 each thousand of inhabitants (1.4 per doctor), below the European average of 8.4 per thousand of inhabitants.

From Ubiotex we wanted to highlight the importance of the nursing staff in this special day for them. We leave her a link to the Spanish Nursing Association:

Happy nurses day!

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