We are European manufacturers of products that improve people's quality of life. Our main concerns are to offer an effective, durable and quality product, as well as giving all our customers a careful, efficient service with short delivery times. The key to our success is the result of constant and special attention to quality, which is why we have the best raw materials, the latest technology, qualified workers, specialized suppliers, etc. With our pricing and sales policy we have generated a great change in our sector, because the quality of life is better with good and affordable service.

At Ubiotex we always want to ensure an affordable price because we are manufacturers of orthopedic and rest products for your business, without intermediaries. Adapting to the needs of our clients, offering them solutions and with the best possible advice.

Quality, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, technology, development, are the values of our company, adapting every day to changes to always be able to offer a price according to your needs.