Sanitized Pressure Relief Cushion

We have different models within the range of pressure relief cushions, depending on the preferences and/or needs of users and/or carers. 

Suapel's pressure relief cushions are filled with silicone fiber. Its outer cover, though made of synthetic fabric, has some of the features of natural wool: anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-odour, anti-bugs, soft, breathable and washable.

This is obtained through the treatment we give to the SANITIZED fabric. This kind of anti-bedsore cushion is recommended in cases of prevention of pressure ulcers wounds. It is especially advisable for people who sit for long periods of time due to reduced mobility, sedentary lifestyles, etc.

Pressure relief cushions are also recommended in certain pathologies, in which the area has to be freed from pressure (postpartum, haemorrhoids, fistulas, prostate surgery...).

Suapel anti-bedsore cushions are available in various shapes and colors (white, navy blue and gray).