Special Pillows

In order to better meet the users' needs, we offer four models of pillows within the anti-decubitus pillows category.

To avoid bedsores in the ear area, we have two models of anti-decubitus pillows: the chondrodermatitis pillow and the ear protector.

In case of post-retinal surgery, we offer the eye pillow. 

And for CPAP machine users, we recommend the use of the special CPAP pillow.  

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  • Reference : 106175
    Chоndrоdеrmаtіtіѕ Prоtесtоr recommended to avoid pression in the ear affected. Chоndrоdеrmаtіtіѕ nоdulаrіѕ hеlісіѕ (CNH) is a skin соndіtіоn thаt аffесtѕ the саrtіlаgе оf thе еаr. Oftеn thе nodule appears оn thе еаr on the side of the hеаd thаt уоu sleep on. In this regard, we recommended this protector to avoid this pathology. Please contact us or your... Chоndrоdеrmаtіtіѕ Prоtесtоr...

  • Reference : 116100
    Chondrodermatitis pillow, denominated in the common use ear pillow is recommended to avoid the pressure in the ear.  Not is removable but we offer an extra cover. The reference of the cover is 116900.  Chondrodermatitis pillow, denominated...

  • Reference : 116125
    CPAP pillow specially designed for mask users, especially CPAP machine users. The pillow has free sides so that when the user turns his head or even when sleeping on his side there are no obstacles for the mask. Removable. CPAP pillow specially designed for...

  • Reference : 116150
    EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Recommended after retinal detachment surgery to liberate of pression the place. COMPOSITION Bamboo ( 30 % bamboo , 70 % polyester) . Fiber of silicone .DIMENSIONS 53x33,5x11 cm MAINTENANCE Washable by hand or machine , neutral detergent , at 40 , suppressing the spin. Avoid abrasive products. Tolerates dry at reduced temperature. Do... EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Recommended...

  • Reference : 307250
    Special belt with support cushion to help the user to sleep comfortably on the side and minimize snoring. Especially recommended for patients with apnea. For CPAP users, the use of the CPAP pillow is recommended in addition to the lateral positioning belt. Special belt with support cushion to...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items