Ankle Pressure Relief Bootie

Ankle pressure relief booties: breathable, thermoregulatory, resistant and waterproof . Our ankle pressure boots are designed to meet the different users' requirements. All of them prevent bedsores or pressure ulcers on the foot, by protecting them with soft and comfortable fabrics.

In our range of boots, we offer different models such as the Sanitized boots that prevent bedsores and are anti-allergic.

The thermoregulator boots maintain a pleasant temperature on the user's feet and protect him/her from any possible slip. 

Saniluxe padded boots maintain the optimum temperature and avoid slipping, adding the waterproof properties of Saniluxe fabric.

For better support and protection, as well as for the prevention of bedsores, we have orthopedic medical boots especially recommended for post-surgery use.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item