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  • Reference : 305800-305802
    DESCRIPTION Waterproof Abdominal Chasuble designed to offer solutions to instability problems derived from functional decreases due to physical or mental causes. EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Raincoat.Hold without oppression allowing postural changes, as well as second person care.It prevents the patient from tipping, sliding or being injured by bad... DESCRIPTION Waterproof Abdominal...

  • Reference : 305900-305902
    EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Avoids that the patient leans, slips or suffers because lesions of bad positions COMPOSITION Polyurethane, breathable fabric and polypropylene strip Bucklet closure MAINTENANCE The articles don’t need an Spéciale maintenance. It just washes it periodically by hand or machine, with a temperature maximum of 40ºC. Dry in horizontal... EFFECTS AND ADVANTAGES Avoids that...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items